Episode 0: The Pilot Episode

Pilot. Geddit?


Listen here


These are the show notes for the first ever Shinybees podcast episode: The Pilot. In this show I talk about the reasons for starting a podcast, my current works in progress (known as the Wippin’ Piccadilly section), and a little about South Africa before wrapping up. It’s quite amazing how quickly you get to 30 minutes!




Electric Sheep

A Playful Day

Caithness Craft Collective


Yarns From The Plain

The Warthogs and Billy

Wippin’ Piccadilly

Faraway So Close (on Ravelry)

Damask (on Ravelry)

Nurturing Fibres

O w l s (on Ravelry)

Ballet wrap

Baby Socks

South Africa


Bobotie recipe

Contact me!


Shinybees on Ravelry

Shinybees on Twitter

Thanks for listening!


    1. Thank you for the feedback! I hope to cast monthly, it may go to bi-weekly if I have enough material and I can get my head around the editing a bit faster.

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