Microphone Throw Pillow

Image Details: “Microphone Throw Pillow” by Five Wun O Clothing, via Flickr.

Welcome to the group for the Shinybees Podcast, a podcast for those who like their knitting, yarn and comedy in equally large measures!

A Scottish-based, weekly podcast, Shinybees is hosted by Jo Milmine, and aims to bring a whole lot of knitty fun and banter your way.

The Shinybees podcast began its life following Jo’s knitting and sewing adventures in South Africa, along with travel and culture she found in the Rainbow Nation. Fondly referred to as The South African Chronicles, you can find these in episodes 1 – 10.

Jo relocated to the UK in August 2013 and now calls northern Scotland her home, having travelled via Lincolnshire and Fife.

Regular segments

The Sock Surgery

Co-hosted on a bi-weekly basis with Clare Devine and Kate Read, we’re doing a Year of Socks to take you from the very beginning all the way through to more advanced techniques. Cosy toes are well within your reach. Struggling? Post a question in the Agony Aunt thread to be answered on the show!

Enablers’ Corner

Enabling on a biblical scale in this new weekly segment, where inspiration and ideas are shared for all sorts of things from freeing your precious skeins, to wipping down, fun things on the horizon and yarny news.

Wippin’ Piccadilly

Monthly segment on what is on and off the needles. Sometimes accompanied by fantasy knits. If only I could get that time turner!

Entrepreneur Interviews

Monthly interview segment where I talk to entrepreneurs in the knitting and yarn industry about their journey, highs, lows and top tips.

The Famous Shinybees Pattern Pick

Monthly – or more often depending on availability of comedy patterns – segment covering theme pattern picks on the weird, wild and wonderful world of fringe knitting and crochet patterns.

Where can I find the podcast?




Shownotes for previous episodes

You can find a full list of show notes posts here.


  1. Hello – is it possible for you to have a page with a link to all your podcasts please? I am new to your page and have listened to a couple of of your shows and I love them and would like to start from the beginning but it is a bit of a pain clicking all the way through to find them ? or am I missing it??
    Thanks in advance & love the show

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